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RTD Talos Ltd is a private initiative located in Lefkosia, Cyprus, with higher aim the provision of high quality services with commitment and consistency, in order to enhance and reinforce the competitiveness of Cypriot enterprises, through the promotion of innovation, technology transfer, utilization of research outcomes, development of links with research institutions, exploitation of opportunities for financing and assistance for utilisation of development programs. TALOS has been the National Contact Point in Cyprus for SME programmes between 1999-2006 during FP5 and FP6 and has many years of demonstrated experience in European project management being involved since its foundation in more than 30 European research projects and having taken the responsibility for managing administrative and financial tasks, reporting, maintenance of agreements between the consortium members and handling overall legal, ethical, financial and administrative issues. Moreover, TALOS is an expert in exploiting and disseminating project results and has prepared numerous successful Exploitation Agreements with special emphasis on proper IPR management among the partners. TALOS has a clear understanding and experience supporting the unique needs and challenges faced by SMEs as they constitute the majority of its customer base. Its personnel consists of high skilled young researchers who can show an array of skills and academic experience to substantiate all aspects of the organization’s activities. 



Dolphin Integration is up to their charter as the most adaptive and lasting creator in the Microelectronics Design Industry to "enable mixed signal Systems-on-Chip". It stars a quality management stimulating reactivity for innovation as well as independence and partnerships with Foundries. Their current mission is to supply worldwide customers with fault-free, high-yield and reliable sets of CMOS Virtual Components. The strategy is to follow product launches with evolutions addressing future needs, emphasizing resilience to noise and drastic reductions of power-consumption at SoC level, thanks to their own missing EDA solutions enabling Support Engineering with Application Hardware Modeling as well as early Power and Noise assessment, plus engineering assistance for Risk Control.



SignalGeneriX has grown out of several decades of industrial experience and consulting mainly in the UK. It was formed in Cyprus with a vision to become a leader in delivering state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Communications solutions. The company is deeply involved in Research and Development and has amassed a broad portfolio of intellectual property rights covering core signal processing algorithms, telecommunication networks, and wireless sensor applications. The company’s advanced DSP algorithms and processes, its ultra-low-powered hardware, novel smart antenna components and remote monitoring platform are incorporated in commercial systems and processes for modern high-tech industries such as the Communications, Medical, Security, Military and Environmental Monitoring industries as well as more traditional industries such as Agriculture and Farming.
SignalGeneriX is actively participating in various national and European projects in its area of expertise. The company has recently completed two FP-6 projects where applied its DSP expertise in the development of a new ultrasound biosensor for the early detection of prostate cancer (TAMIRUT - IST project), and exploited its advanced knowledge of smart antenna algorithms for the development an indoor wireless localisation system (RESOLUTION - IST project). SignalGeneriX secured two FP7 for the benefit of SME projects for developing the FPGA processing board and image processing algorithms of a portable asbestos detector device and for investigating ultra low-power wireless body-area-networks (Wear-a-BAN SME Association project). The company has also recently been awarded the EUREKA label for its participation in a Medea+ project in the area of high speed communications and a Eurostars project in the area of robotics. The most recent EU project that the company is involved in an FP7 integrated project in the area of medical body area networks. The company is also participating as coordinator or partner in various national projects, funded by the Research Promotion Foundation, in the area of wireless communications, image and video processing and compression, wireless sensor networks, infrastructure monitoring and NDE.



CSEM, Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique SA (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology), founded in 1984, is a private research and development center specializing in microtechnology, nanotechnology, microelectronics, system engineering and communications technologies. It offers its customers and industry partners tailor-made innovative solutions based on its knowledge of the market and technological expertise derived from applied research. Having founded several start-ups, it contributes to developing Switzerland as an industrial location. To date, a total of 29 such enterprises, with more than 500 employees, have been launched by CSEM. Approximately 400 highly qualified and specialized employees from various scientific and technical disciplines work for CSEM in Neuchâtel, Zurich, Basel, Alpnach and Landquart. They represent more than 30 nationalities and constitute the basis of the company’s creativity, dynamism and innovation potential.




The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) is one of the two national engineering schools in Switzerland. It delivers Engineer and PhD degrees in 12 engineering fields. The School has a staff of about 2400 people including professors, scientists and administrative personnel. The participating EPFL laboratory to IcyHeart is the Embedded Systems Laboratory (EPFL-ESL) headed by Prof. David Atienza Alonso and consisting of 18 members. The ESL personnel have a long and deep experience in embedded system design and optimization methodologies for them, and have been interacting with companies such as Sun Microsystems, Philips-NXP, IBM and Freescale on these topics. For several years now, ESL has been active in the design and optimization of wireless body sensors-enabled personal electrocardiogram (ECG) mHealth systems. ESL multi-disciplinary team spans the various disciplines needed for a truly ultra-low-power design, namely wireless body area protocol optimization, ultra-low-power dedicated signal processor design and low-complexity, energy-aware and real-time embedded ECG signal processing. In particular, ESL has the demonstrated the first real-time compressed sensing-based personal electrocardiogram monitoring system, within the Nano-Tera project “BioCS-Node”. Relevantly, it has also demonstrated a real-time wavelet-based electrocardiogram delineation system.



Prisma Electronics is a SME with main mission to promote and support the right and affective use if new technologies in the field of Electronics, Information – Communication Technology and Energy.
Pirsma has setup a modern technological environment where technology and know how are the dominant elements, creating and the preconditions to develop and support tech application with high requirements. Our personnel is highly experienced, continuously trained and keeps up with the latest methods and practices. R&D activities constitute our top priority The amount of our personnel is 50 with more than 30 scientists and engineers. We are getting involved into R&D projects with the academic community in EU countries.
The company is organized into three main departments:
1. Electronic Department with an industrial facility unit for assembly (SMT and THT) of electronics parts and testing-measurement instruments for operational tests and inspections.
2. ICT Department with experts on wired and wireless computer networks and optical networks.
3. R&D Department is focused for over of 8 years, on the field of intelligent wireless sensors, wireless communications, data acquisition on embedded devices with very low power consumption and new techniques for developing of sensors with fiber optics and organic printed electronics. In order to support the activities of the R&D department we are running projects with CERN, ESA and a lot of national and EU technical institutes like VTT, Dimokritos, NTUA, AUTH, Techniker.



DOCOBO is active in tele-healthcare services & products, and is a pioneering tele-health company which since being established in 2001, has provided technology based services for the remote care and management of 1000s of home-based patients with chronic conditions. DOCOBO’s key area of expertise is enabling patients to perform complex and/or critical physiological measurements without direct supervision by clinicians. In this context, by using appropriately configured sensors in combination with carefully tuned, multimedia rich user interfaces, DOCOBO have developed techniques that allow reliable measurements of ECG, cardiac bio-impedance, blood oxygen, respiration rate and blood pressure made by home-based patients.

The IcyHeart project has received funding form the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities, Research for the Benefit of SMEs) managed by REA – Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement No. 286130.

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