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IcyHeart M9 meeting

Jun 21, 2012

IcyHeart M9 meeting

The M9 meeting of the IcyHeart project was held on 13-14 June 2012 in Neuchatel, Switzerland, hosted by CSEM.

The meeting represented an important milestone, as it has concluded the first phase of the project. During the meeting the partners have reviewed the work undertaken in the first 9 months and discussed in details the forthcoming project tasks.

As in the second period more emphasis will be given to demonstration and exploitation activities, two workshops were organized focusing on these topics. At the demonstration workshop first the tele-healthare demonstrator was presented by Docobo, which was followed by a thorough discussion among the partners on the demonstration scenario and required functionalities of the demonstrator.
The exploitation workshop was devoted to validating the draft version of the document “Plan for the Use and Dissemination of Foreground”, where the SME partners had their first negotiation about exploitation issues and identified the regime upon which the exploitation issues should be based on.



The IcyHeart project has received funding form the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities, Research for the Benefit of SMEs) managed by REA – Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement No. 286130.

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